Audrey Christine

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Stay True

Not a GAP ad, but I couldn't help doing a little play on this little gap toothed beauty Lindsey Wixon, (a look made popular by Madonna and Vogue cover models like Lara Stone). Maybe she could do a campaign for them! The GAP wanting to revamp their logo into a more modern look realized what a mistake they had made by trying to change without truly understanding the current market and their customer's loyalty to who the GAP customer is.

It is amazing, but not too shocking that avid GAP fans did not like the change to a more modern logo. Banana Republic was able to cross over, but why not GAP? I think because the GAP customer wants consistency of the basics, comfortable, affordable and middle of the road on trend ready to wear. So I guess if you have a gapped tooth grin, maybe a cleft inyour chin or specialize in basic casual wear, stick to who you are and what you know. Lesson learned, GAP is keeping its original and iconic blue square.

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