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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cheers to the Red, White & Blue

This 4th of July I spent with friends and family in Bay Area California. The extended weekend required some good yet easy packing to avoid checking bags so I could hit the ground running.

Here are my essentials:
* Straw derby style hat $26 for the pool and an easy hair solution
* Flats/slip ons for running around the city. My pick is a pair of crochet TOMS $44-$55
* Cross body tote for day time essentials: camera, touch up make up, wallet, and hand wipes (if you ride BART and are running around the city you will be glad you packed these!)
* Wedges: comfortable and stylish can be dressed up or down
* Rainbows (support your local surf shop)  for kickin' it poolside and cruising around town
* Maxi Dress: Quiksilver Girls $59
* Obagi skin care system to wash the day away and keep my skin happy and restored from plane travel and environment adjustment (I travel with smaller amounts to be TSA friendly)

The sweltering heat was a nice welcome from the June gloom we had been having in Orange County.

DIY Decorations and party favors: Chocolate Fleur de Sel Cookies and tissue pomanders. I made a few of these to hang throughout the house and outside so guests would know they have arrived to the right house!

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