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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Young, Broke, and Fabulous...

This was not amongst my 2009 New Year's resolutions; however leaving this behind in 2010 has made this year's list. Generally, I am not one for making New Year's resolutions, why? For the obvious reason, like many others, I am guilty of not making it to they gym for more than the first week. Or that closet I said I was going to clean out still houses 20 sweaters that I was planning on getting rid of...last year. Let's face it, I'm just not a fan of making promises I can't keep.

So why am I starting a Blog when this just like my shoe box of abandoned crafts will soon start to collect dust? Well, first, if I abandon my blog, at least I'm not loosing closet space. Eventually it will disappear into cyberspace. Second, I was inspired today by my professor, Mr. McKinney. It was only day 1, but so far, I can tell this is going to be an interesting class. McKinney is a fascinating man who seems to be more in the business mind set than artistic, but I could be wrong. He definitely seems to know more than just a little bit about everything and is a traveling Rolodex. Besides class homework, McKinney suggested starting a blog. When he first mentioned this, I thought, "cool, that sounds like fun, but what I am I going to blog about?"

One of the thoughts that came to mind while in class, was "where do I start? and how do I make it work?" Well these are pretty basic questions and Mr. McKinney has encouraged me to compile my questions for him. Sounds easy right? Perhaps, but what are the Right questions? He said that although he teaches many classes, there is really only ONE...and that is Find My Money or also amongst the subject matter, OPM, (other people's money).

So for the next 10 weeks, I will be blogging on what I'm learning through Merchandising, Cost and Specifications, thoughts on the subject matter and any other non-sequitur thoughts that run through my head. By the end of 10 weeks I hope to have a solid plan on leaving my current status of Young, Broke and Fabulous behind.

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